View Full Version : Fed up with men waving sticks

18th Jun 2006, 22:18
Is there any one else out who's fed up of coming across entire enemy amies of miltia, now it maybe just me but I find it incrediblely frustrain when men armed with sticks can go head 2 head with guns and more often than not win. well any way it may be im a crap player but does any one else think that miltia are over powered, they should be strong in large numbers but 1v 1 they should be lambs to the slaughter

19th Jun 2006, 10:34
form square. you send in a load of militia against a square, hmm.
Grenadier Guards, Black Watch, line infantry form a square, along come french militia, then they get shot and bayonetted when they attack the square, however. when they are locked in melee, they do win ususally. I find that annoying, because you have one the best infantry regiments, the black watch (now a battalion in the royal regiment of scotland) get almost wiped by a few militia. When 130 men from the 24th south wales borderers armed with the Henri Martini held out against, 4000 zulus, armed with spears and guns that were luted from islandawana

20th Jun 2006, 03:49
Yea, I am fed up with the men too. They are too strong too. Well I gtg.

20th Jun 2006, 03:54
There is a new mod on TAFN that makes militia weaker, I have not tried it but maybe it helps with your problems.:scratch:

27th Jun 2006, 20:10
Not bad that mod, but I was very surprised when 2 units of militia charged uphill against 6 Spanish line regiments with 2 batteries of howitzers. They actually reached my 1st line and killed a dozen of my men. I've taken to putting a 'bait' regiment forward to intercept them before they reach my main line. Still you can only use a regiment as bait a few times.

7th Jul 2006, 12:33
Lancers are the answer, or any cavalry unit of any kind. I use lancers because they're cheper to offset any losses. When the enemy has alot of militia... have alot of cavalry!