View Full Version : Is it possible to mod changing governments?

Emperor of the French
17th Jun 2006, 22:25
Is it possible to create a mod that enacts a government change as a quest result rather (or in addition to) occuring at the end of an era?

What I want to do is use the equestrian icons for my capitals all the way through the game, and I can't have them unless I'm using the dictatorship governmental type. As a result, I desire to be able to become a dictatorship earlier than normally possible.

Or, if possible, I'd like to mod it so that the capital icon doesn't change on era progress. Then, I could have all other nations stay as they are and replace France's icon with the equestrian statue.

Emperor of the French
4th Jul 2007, 08:47
Does over 365 days warrant a slight bump to see if anyone has an answer? I think so.