View Full Version : Dual aim, finally?

17th Jun 2006, 13:52
So, in the I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about trailer, Lara could aim the guns at two distinct raptors, think we are going to see that feature in the final product? :scratch:

17th Jun 2006, 15:44
I think it's cool!:D although it'd receive weaker damage for both enemies cuz Lara's usually on her 2 guns to aim at one but whatever:D

17th Jun 2006, 17:06
But assuming she wouldn't miss any shot, both enemies would go down at the same time. It has its pros and cons though. Maybe against animals it's effective, but not so much against human enemies. :)

18th Jun 2006, 04:06
Yeah - on wolves/bats:D but humans...well we only like get to face one for each fights:whistle: ..and they're pretty strong****

18th Jun 2006, 07:35
Just because Core Design had that feature in their game do not assume it will be in the Crystal Dynamics remake. They did not use it in Legend why would they use it in the remake of the first game?

18th Jun 2006, 16:17
I don't know, but I'd say they are going to add some new moves to her if they're going to use the Legend engine. Like from TR1 to TR2, Core had added some new moves to broaden the gameplay experience. I believe it's likely Lara will have new moves, maybe not dual aim, but that's something I think she should have since day one. :)

21st Jun 2006, 15:55
It is indeed something she should have had, and had Core Design been able to do it, they would've done. I recall seeing that feature in concept sketches of the first game, but they weren't able to implement it. So if they do it, it'll be nice for Lara to finally have that ability, like Core Design wanted all along. :)

25th Jun 2006, 20:45
I certainly hope we see this feature, it would give Lara an advantage when fighting.

14th Jul 2006, 19:26
i agree

15th Jul 2006, 04:49
Not to mention on the back of the PS-CASE for Tomb Raider, I see one of the screenshots in City of Vilcamba (if that's how it was spelt-_-) I see Lara lookin' like she was dual aiming at the wolves:D and Larson was there:scratch:

15th Jul 2006, 14:57
I've seen those screenshots. They are in the AOD companion too. I'm not sure if she's attacking two wolves, I think it's just because she was jumping backwards - sometimes she takes some time to realign her guns on the current target.

Either way, it's a feature I long to see. :D

15th Jul 2006, 18:30
What's weird from the shot is that I've seen Larson in level 2:scratch: AND I saw one of the PC screens of Lost Valley that ther were aligators near where the T-Rex appears - there's even a left over Jeep:scratch: am I gettin' this wrong 'cause I believe there's a difference between the PC and PS version...is there:scratch: ?

15th Jul 2006, 21:02
No, the PS and PC versions are exactly the same, those screens are from betas I'd say, the lighting is slightly different from the final version too, it's far brighter than it is on the finished game. :)

16th Jul 2006, 03:45
Alright that answers my questions:D I liked how they put the abandoned jeep truck in Lost Valley though - gives you the feeling of isolation:D

20th Jul 2006, 22:28
Abandoned jeep? I'm sure there's none on the final version, and I don't remember seeing any screenie.

Meanwhile, I've found the 'alligators in Lost Valley' shot you refered to above. :)


21st Jul 2006, 03:59
Why thanks:D Doesn't that look interesting...but I guess they removed it due to the reason of mix up on the T-REx - wouldn't it have been cool if it stomped it:D ?

And hehe, gosh it's been a while since I've seen that - see those "like-alot 2 boxes" in the far off distance of the screen - I guess I thought it was some jeep:D

24th Jul 2006, 14:51
Yeah, I remember when the game first came out, seeing Larson with Lara on the back of the box always made me think the game was going to have co-op play somehow ;)

I do wonder if the original intention was to have him there earlier tho (perhaps like the Monks in TR2). He doesn't "betray" you until the forth level afterall. Maybe that caused problems (i.e. Larson dying to enemies or something) so they scrapped the idea.

24th Jul 2006, 23:36
I even thought at first that Larson was the one in the beginning FMV of the Caves:D

28th Jul 2006, 20:14
Perhaps bring new dual-hand combinations.
Like you can wield a normal pistol in one hand and use a Revolver in the other hand. Which means when you find new handguns, instead of a pair,
pick up one lonely gun and later on find another one to wield two same guns.