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17th Jun 2006, 11:35
I downloaded the demo and after a bit of trouble with .dll files I managed to get it up and running. I could not help but notice it runs about as fast as an asthmatic ant...with some heavy shopping.

I have a Pentium 4 with a gig of RAM and a GeForce nVidia 5200 Graphics Card.

I may get some more RAM but I as soon as I get some money I will definitely get a new graphics card.

3 questions :)

1. Could anyone recommend a place where I could get a good, reasonably priced Graphics card in the UK?

2. What one should I get that would do this game justice?

3. The game can't possibly be that slow just due to my comp it must have some serious code problems, does it?

17th Jun 2006, 13:27
I suggest you wait a little bit before buying a new card.

ALL Fx series cards are having this problems, and it's believed to be a shader problem. We've been waiting 2-3 weeks, and a patch is supposed to come in the next few days specifically for fixing the problems that Fx users (and other low end Radeon users) are having.

17th Jun 2006, 13:33
Yup, all 5 series cards run the game horridly, a patch is suppose to be on the way according to one of the mods. So either buy a new card, or sit tight like the rest of us 5 series.

17th Jun 2006, 16:52
and if that patch is finally out, then FOR SURE can I play hitman blood money without having any problems ( I have a 5500 FX)? is that FOR SURE?
otherwise I am happy now and then i'm again dissapointed....
or is it not for sure if I can EVER play the game on my brand new PC...???:confused:

17th Jun 2006, 16:56
Well considering they have taken about three weeks on this patch, which is specifically intended to fix the problem you are having, I'd say there is a pretty good chance it's gonna work.

But then again, they did say the patch was comming "in a few days" a week and a half ago :(

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: I have the same problem, and it's making me so frustrated. I'm gonna blow! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Just wait :D

17th Jun 2006, 17:24
that's easier said then done:rasp: :D

17th Jun 2006, 18:12
and if that patch is finally out, then FOR SURE can I play hitman blood money without having any problems ( I have a 5500 FX)? is that FOR SURE?
otherwise I am happy now and then i'm again dissapointed....
or is it not for sure if I can EVER play the game on my brand new PC...???:confused:

According to Jay It uses shaders 1 (im assumeing thats 1.1-1.4) so it should run fine seeing as games like Half-Life 2 run great at full settings on my puny box with a 5200.

17th Jun 2006, 18:15
Mick, this isn't intended as an insult, but one of two things applies to your situation:

1) your computer is not brand new, or
2) you got ripped off.

The 5500 was the midrange card of the generation that produced the FX series. Those got replaced by the 6000 series about 1-2 years ago, and it's now in the 7000 series. No new computer should come with an FX card in it. If it did, you got hosed.

17th Jun 2006, 19:07
Looks Like I'll have to just wait then :)

Although looking at some of threads and from what I could play of the demo without throwing the screen out the window. It sounds and looks great, the game play is good...I like the features they have added.

Its just with the graphics right down to the bottom it looks worse than the first one (codename 47) which runs perfectly...

I hope this patch fixes that...


17th Jun 2006, 20:17
@ quillian: it was a joke, it's not brand new:rasp:
I'll get a new video card soon, but can you play this game with high graphics on that card ( 5500 fx) or is it very ugly with that card? or although it is an old card, the graphics are still good???

17th Jun 2006, 20:32
My 5200 works with the textures maxed out, 10-25 FPS, though the res is 800x600 and everything else like the shadows are turnd off. As soon as they get the patch out and the game reverts to the lower shaders Im sure It will run a LOT better, not 100 FPS solid, but good.

Your 5500 should be fine once the patch Is out.


Ill take a SS of what it looks like.

Here ya are, Its from the demo.


Mind you, this Is on my comp with the following specs:

Pent 4 - 1.6
768 Ram
GeForce FX 5200 256meg

Everything off but the textures at max, runs rather well In some spots, and bogs down In others (mostly outside).

18th Jun 2006, 07:05
all right, that's not too bad cause I have 3 GHZ, and a slightly better video card.

18th Jun 2006, 08:29
by the way, does someone have any clue when the patch will be released? or for how much % they are finished with the patch?
then i can finally play the game... ( I hope)

18th Jun 2006, 09:03

Wow thats great,

I have a whole gig of RAM
Pentium 4 3GHz

and the same graphics card but it only has 128mb of memory which is probably the problem then!

If I were to get a better card with twice the memory then I imagine that would run the game very well indeed :D .

After this I'll post a picture of what it looks like on my computer, its a disgrace to the game.

18th Jun 2006, 10:03
http://www.uploadfile.info/uploads/66275f4472.bmp (http://www.uploadfile.info)

http://www.uploadfile.info/uploads/54aae89060.bmp (http://www.uploadfile.info)

This is when the graphics are on full and it is only a tiny bit slower when on low...

18th Jun 2006, 11:24
Yeah, seems the game Is less power intensive then It seems, I cna toss It on full on my box and only lose a few more fps. The shaders are the problem, once that patch Is out and they are fixed, should run just fine.

Corse, for some reason the self shadowing acts wierd on my computer, dosent do what Its suppose to, all It dose Is shade 47 almost fully black with jet black eyes.

But only him, no one else.

I dont mind, I could play It on low and have just as much fun, so long as the game runs right.

18th Jun 2006, 14:05
I am a little less compromising :)

I want to play it as flawlessly as possible with at least reasonably good graphics. I am going to get a new graphics card anyway but the code is definitely a large part of the problem at least with my graphics card :)

18th Jun 2006, 22:47
Well It will still look nice, even with the lower shaders. If you can set yours to full with only a little fewer FPS, once the patch Is out you shouldnt have much of a problem.

19th Jun 2006, 06:14
is there really nobody who works with eidos or maybe a moderator who can say around which date the patch will arrive? please? cause i'm going to be :nut:

and reien, you have a videocard which is an FX right? would you please tell me how you play the game cause no matter what I do the gameplay is still slow...

19th Jun 2006, 07:27
Aye, Iv got a FX 5200, the bottem of the heap. It runs around 5-25 FPS depending on the area, mind you Iv only got the demo. Iv got the lateset Beta drivers, and thats all I do. Besides turning It to the lowest settings.

19th Jun 2006, 07:29
ok, i'll try. but the beta driver says when you download it: on your own risk.
does that mean that it can maybe screw up your card or is it not dangerous at all?

19th Jun 2006, 08:08
I remember I did that ages ago with anouther card (download a new driver that is) thought better of it then because of the warning.

I don't think it could damage(correct me if i'm wrong) If it goes wrong wont the OS go to safe mode and you can just uninstall the driver?

**remeber you have 4mins before your screen implodes