View Full Version : Commandos SF Walkthroughs??

16th Jun 2006, 17:49
Someone wants walkthroughs of this game?? i have one of the wolfs den.(made by me:D ) maybe there are websites with other guides and something like it, but maybe we users of the forum could work in a big walkthrough of this game...
its just an idea...:scratch: i know there a lot of people with the game finished but we can give a lil hand to the new players:rolleyes:
ok guys bye

17th Jun 2006, 22:05
I for one could definitely do with a Walkthrough for CSF, as I suspect so could many others. Currently there is no such document available apart from the scandalous "Brady official" route.

Not all of us have heaps of time to play every "nook & cranny" in a game so a Walkthrough helps us folks get everything that the game has to offer in the quickest possible way (depending on Walkthrough quality). But of course even armed with such a Walkthrough one still has to have playing skills, especially on higher difficulties.

18th Jun 2006, 01:11
We are currently working on a walkthrough.

18th Jun 2006, 03:32
ok, its good to hear that u guys are working on it...if u want my document give a email or anything, ill be glad for help u:)