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16th Jun 2006, 14:31
I was wondering if i decide to buy the last upgrades of any gun will all the previous upgrades be added also to that value or do i have to buy all the upgrades for max effect.

ex. all the silencers for the pistol for max quietness?

I only bought the last upgrade for the armor cause it fits all outfits and notice all the previous armor i did not buy said i have them on.

I also notice a discount on my assualt rifle for some upgrades
ex. 210000 (200000)

16th Jun 2006, 21:30
They don't add. In some cases, certain upgrades replace earlier upgrades. The Type 2 silencer replaces the Type 1. You can't have both on the weapon. If you have a Type 1, and buy a Type 2, it'll switch them out automatically. In other cases, certain upgrades require other upgrades. For example, the scope for the silverballer requires the rail mount. The scope is $200,000, while the rail mount is $75,000 (not sure about this price, just pulling this number out of my butt for the example). In that case, the price of the scope shows as $275,000 ($200,000). What that means is if you already have the mount, you'll pay $200,000 for the scope. If you haven't bought it yet, you'll pay $275,000 and get both upgrades.

16th Jun 2006, 23:22
there is this upgrade for the pistol that claims it has a silencer in it already but when i shoot the gun its loud... thats why i dont buy that part

i am refrering to the long metal barrel thing lol

17th Jun 2006, 02:19
The long slide excludes the silencer. That means you cannot use the long slide with the silencer, although it's more accurate. You don't need it. By the time I made it to the casino mission, I had the scope on the silverballer, and it works great as a concealable sniper rifle. The only problem is with very long distances, because the scope doesn't zoom.