View Full Version : Next patch ideas

15th Jun 2006, 13:36
A performance fix for that level where it snows, it lags outside and in that dinning area.

When I press the g button to drop an item I want him to place the item down and never throw it like some fool.

I would like it if when you crouch and use a weapon with a scope (sniper rifles) your aiming does not move around.

post some ideas or fixes you guys/gals want.

15th Jun 2006, 14:27
For me it lags inside the room with the xmas tree on rocky mountains, i also get alot of FPS loss if i start a shooting in the lobby of the Opera house, i think its the models, once they all converge there the game starts drawing a little too much? I killed all the guards and dragged them into the bathroom and it only "lagged" inside the bathroom, rest of the level was fine.

One thing i would like was beeing able to bring a stilleto into any levels, choose it from the weapon selection screen if i want to, it would be better than that useless nailer. Same for the custom 1911, i would really like to keep it :) .

15th Jun 2006, 14:37
in that opra level one time i killed alot of feds and cops near a spiral stair and there were a bunch of bodies staked on there and the game lagged there :D

i would also like a new move where you can knock someone out (like the sleeper move)

- a fix for the crash that occurs when righting clicking to open inventory
- a fix for black screen showing up when loading a game
- improve the p.i.p. ex. some places dont show the split screen when its suppose to like when throwing people off ledges or when a target is going somewhere (i think this happens when you load a game and the memory probabily does not triger it)

- improve the floor selecting in elevators
- a new menu that shows your past records in the missions and the newspapers
- a menu that shows a description of all the weapons in your hideout and their stats

add in the missing mission that was removed mission 7 people are claiming.
add that thing to the pc version where the xbox users have to achieve different rankings.

aw damn the 1.2 patch is out i guess my ideas wont be in it :(