View Full Version : Post-Filter problem

15th Jun 2006, 08:42
I'm having a weird "problem" with the game. I don't think the post-filtering effects are actually working for me. At first I thought that maybe the game just didnt use depth blur the way the option describes. But after seeing the post here entitled "Different colours and more detailed skins?", I know that I'm having a problem. Basically, when I tell the game to use high detail post-filtering effects, it doesn't actually turn them on. Also, self shadowing doesn't seem to be working correctly. Other things in the world such as windows and trees cast shadows on 47, but nothing else. ALSO, when I tick the drop shadow quality to soft, it makes them hard. And when i tick it to hard, they go soft. Is anybody else having these issues? It's really starting to bug me that I can't see the game in all of its glory. These are my system specs: K8N Neo4 SLI, AMD64 3500+, 2GB OCZ pc3200, geforce 7800GTX, creative x-fi. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

POST-FILTERS OFF(What I'm getting):

POST-FILTERS ON(What I SHOULD be getting):