View Full Version : getting a message saying I need to insert correct disc

14th Jun 2006, 18:53
Hi, I have the Tomb Raider Legend on my laptop, and it has just recently been giving me a message saying that I need to put the real cd into the cd-rom. The problem just started when I am in the Ghana level, and I am putting the real cd into the cd-rom. Any ideas on how to fix the problem?

14th Jun 2006, 20:29
Hi, don't have any advice to your problem. You might want to save your saved games and reinstall TRL. The saved games are here:
C:\documents and settings\owner/my documents\tombraider legend\saved games. Make a folder and move them to it. After reinstalling the game, copy and paste those saved games to the above mentioned folder. Try playing again. This might help!

15th Jun 2006, 15:39
Close programs like Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% etc. They may be detected by game's SecuRom system which may lead to that problem.

15th Jun 2006, 16:23
Could it be your virus scanner causing it, have you updated the virus scanner lately