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14th Jun 2006, 18:28
Hi, I hope this isn't posted anywhere else, I did try searching, so don't shoot me!
I've played the whole game through with no problems really, I think it has crashed twice mid mission, seemingly randomly, it just goes to desktop and displays the error message.
I got to the Amendment level and I can't complete it for the crashes. They happen when I go to outside on the roofs. specifically, the first roof, where the builders are (when I'm in the stairwell or when I climb the ladder) and the room just down from there that leads outside again.
When the rain and sounds for outside come on the sound stutters and the screen freezes for a few seconds then progressing what must be 1 frame and stuttering etc. If I manage to bring up the menu its fine until i resume gameplay. I can restart the level but the same things happen. If I ctrl+alt+del, then press task manager it just freezes and plays the stuttery game sound. So i have to hit the power on my pc.
I've tried installing the patch, reinstalling drivers, changing graphics options... This is really pissing me off because I cant see why its suddenly doing this on this level... Its otherwise a brilliant game and I want to get back to completing it!! :mad2:

If anyone can help me with this I'll be eternally grateful!!

Intel P4 3.2GHz
1Gb Dual memory
Geforce 6200
Realtek Ac97 sound

14th Jun 2006, 19:28
I recommend trying at www.hitmanforum.com.
They have a tech section there with a lot of very smart members.

15th Jun 2006, 00:36
Might be that bad onboard sound you have, i have read about many problems related with that sound "device" in other games, try to disable eax and reduce sound hardware aceleration, should do the trick :) .

15th Jun 2006, 15:14
turn off eax in the game and in windows turn sound hardware acceleration down one notch