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14th Jun 2006, 11:34
PSP review at Pocket Gamer:


Haven't played the PSP version – is it worth getting for the Tomb Trial mode? They seem to think so: "Legend's Tomb Trial mode, exclusive to Sony's handheld, features single or wi-fi head-to-head time trial and artefact collecting challenges, and it makes for a solid, substantial addition, which builds on some of the main game's most fun elements."


22nd Jun 2006, 17:06
I got it. I'm playing it now. Strange thing is why would they offer a one on one challenge mode on the PSP but not on the other platforms?

Here is my review:

The controls for the PSP is roughly the same as the ones for the PS2 except they will take a while to get use to. The sound quality is not as loud or as good as the console versions. The sound is much better when it is connected to amplifiy speakers. Load time is about the same as the PS2. Thus far I've played the first level. The control configuration make this game more challenging but otherwise the game play experience is roughly the same. IMO Tomb Raider Legend is designed for consoles and not pocket game systems. It would be interesting to see how it may perform on the Nintendo platforms. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm giving this version a 6.5. :whistle:

21st Aug 2006, 17:05
After playing this version of Legend I must say I'm disappointed with its performance. As I had already said, the controls is arkward and hard to understand and master. Its difficulties made this game frustrating to play. :mad2:

However there were some interesting added features you won't find on its other versions. This include a time limit obstacle course, a head to head challenage and online co-op mode game play. Why weren't these features incorporated into its console versions is beyond me. :whistle: