View Full Version : Stealth kills

14th Jun 2006, 04:46
Why cant I pull off the steath kill with the knife in the 360 version.
I sneak up behind the guy and while in sneak mode pull the right trigger and instead of doing his bad ass throat slicer he just does his normal attack.
I cant get him to do it and i have tryed a thousand times.

Is their something i am not doing right.

Dr Kain
14th Jun 2006, 05:18
Does the knife even have a stealth kill?

14th Jun 2006, 05:50
I've had trouble with that too in PC version:mad2: It gets annoying. I think there's a minimum distance you have to be. Like maybe a step away because 47 DOES step forward to execute the attack. The Meat Cleaver was even harder but I got those kills...hehehe....grab them, then one huge chop into the head.