View Full Version : Rope jumps

13th Jun 2006, 23:17

Just got this game and I'm having trouble lining Ms Croft up to jump onto vines / ropes. There doesn't appear to be any key (using gamepad on a PC) to allow he to slide left/right (like in some of the other games) to position her for the jump! Must be missing something here (IE. moving the left joy stick just moves her in that direction).

Any suggestions?

I've tried a SEARCH on obvious key words. So assume I'm being a bit thick if no one else has asked this!

13th Jun 2006, 23:26
Hi, Mike. In Legend, Lara moves relative to the camera, so as long as you have a little space to run before jumping, just point the camera directly at the rope (using the right stick--or mouse for others who happen to be playing on the PC). Then run forward and jump. She'll grab the rope automatically. No need to press a separate button to grab, as in the previous games. Good luck!

14th Jun 2006, 13:20

I'll try that.

Must admit though, that I find the camera angles sometime a bit confusing and not quite got used to the fighting yet (gun wise). can't quite seen to decide which of the combat options is best.