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13th Jun 2006, 17:23
I've been playing my first round as Russia, and several strange things have occured which were no planned design on my part. First, it's well into the 3rd age for my Empire and I have yet to cross swords with anyone. I'm the most powerful trade empire in the world, and have bought all of the ottoman empire and poland and eastern prussia from my "enemy" Austria, as well as an early peaceful annexation of Sweden. The second oddity is, ever since a peaceful annexation by England of Denmark, I've been in alliances with them. In fact, all positive relations you could have, I have enjoyed with England, and not even on purpose. It wasn't until I noticed a sympathy of 100 with England did I think how odd this was. And the final oddity, all but one quest has been completed by me, and I didn't really try that hard. Other games it was all I could do to get a few before others did, but literally all but one so far are completed by Russia.

As to the title of this post...as a side effect of my strange excellent relations with Britain, they offered me a state marriage, along with a gift of some small fair amount of money. I accepted of course...I had always wanted to try a state marriage. Now, I was under the impression that this meant we had some kind of permenant alliance, but I find this is not the case. If I don't ask them for alliance, the still seek one with me, and accept one for next to nothing if I ask them...but I find I can still declare war upon them if I ever wished to endeavour such a grand treachery as that.

So now I wonder...what is the point of marraige?

7th Jul 2006, 12:42
As I understand it it just means that they can't attack you- but you wouldn't be able to win the game if you couldn't attack them. I suppose it's more of a permanent peace to get one of the empires off of your back while you deal with another.