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13th Jun 2006, 00:59
I had the same problems as everyone else with this damn game crashing and was getting amazingly annoyed with it it, however i took the side off my computer and placed my domestic fan at the side, i ow have a fully working hitman game, i guess my graphics card was overheating, so try taking the sides off your comp?? And might i add what a game, 100% impressed

Hope this helps

:rasp: :rasp: :rasp: :rasp: :rasp: :rasp: :rasp: :rasp:

13th Jun 2006, 02:37
No offense but this is only a 'solution' in the most negligent of cases. Meaning, if your PC or game is crashing from overheating, it is user error - carelessness on your own part, not the game's fault. Safe operating temperatures are one of the fundamental aspects of running a PC.

It's like saying "Hey guys, I fixed HMBM crashing... let me tell you how... I put a heatsink and fan on my cpu. Temps went down, problem solved, I urge all of you to try it." Of course it's true, but doesn't say much about your PC knowledge.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad if it fixed your problem. God knows my HMBM is still CTD'ing.

13th Jun 2006, 21:09
Rite so why you having a go at me , and then take the side off your computer and play the f***ing game???

well done you know more about computers than me, god i wish i was you !

Have fun looking at your desktop while i play hitman !!

13th Jun 2006, 22:05
now children behave, but he is right though, this really isnt a fix, or anything new :\

14th Jun 2006, 02:01
This isn't a fix at all... your airflow must suck balls.