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12th Jun 2006, 17:13
This question involves a spoiler, so:

Why is it that I cannot get the caterer to deliver the donuts to the feds van, and why must I do it as a result, and why don't the feds conk out after the cut scene shows them eating the doped donuts?

Is it something I am doing wrong, like wrong timing, wrong waiting period, wrong order of play?

12th Jun 2006, 17:25
I don't think so. When I did it:
I drugged the donuts with the sedative syringe right after the caterer went into the house. The next time he came out, he grabbed the donuts and brought them over to the van. Shortly afterwards I had the half screen pop up showing the two FBI guys eating the donuts, then passing out.

12th Jun 2006, 19:43
I never bothered with them, what's the point?

I just:

I wait for the clown, sedate him, take his clothes, hide him in his truck, sedate a guard, take his clothes, knock out the girl with the diamond necklace, turn power off from outside, walk into the living room and kill Sinnister or whatever his name is and then run like hell out of there.

It's a really easy mission really - <b>Silent Assassin</b> ;)

12th Jun 2006, 20:32
My SA method involves no costum at all.

12th Jun 2006, 21:06
Never mind:lol: I got it, I was doing a bunch of things wrong, because this is like the second time I have used a console [Xbox360] and I have to play this game righthanded vs lefty so I am like so not precise - the donuts were never getting doped, and they are so close to the caterer's box too, and grrrrr....well, all better now. Thanks, guys....

Even with my klutziness with the controls on my new box, the first four levels went well, and for me, the wine guys level was a snap - walked in, did the job, walked out.

12th Jun 2006, 22:13
My SA method involves no costum at all.

How do you do it?

Dr Kain
14th Jun 2006, 05:16
What the heck? Why would you sedate them and not kill them?

I poisoned teh donuts, waited until the guys in the van died, took the suit, went into the house, poisoned the bottle the wife drinks out of. Went into the computer room and took her necklace, and then stabbed Sinnister when he was in his room and ran out of there quick as hell.

The first time I played that mission though, I just went in and shot everyone and grabbed the butler as a human shield.

14th Jun 2006, 08:28
What the heck? Why would you sedate them and not kill them?

Unnecessary violence will affect your rating.