View Full Version : Silent Assassin ranking useless?

11th Jun 2006, 20:05
i've gotten the silent assassin ranking on the vineyard level just to see if it awarded my anything like it did in contracts, it didnt. is it useless, is there any record to show that you got silent assassin ranking in the game or is the only conquest the game allows is to collect all the weapons?

12th Jun 2006, 01:13
It doesn't give you bonus weapons like before, but the effect is a lot more subtle. If you make Silent Assassin, two things happen.

1) You get a bonus of $150,000 on the mission payment.
2) You don't get any notoriety.

Notoriety adds up. Keeping it down costs money if you don't do well on the missions. If you're playing the game as a raving psychotic homicidal maniac then that's fine, but if you're trying to play stealthy, you need to keep your notoriety low so disguises work and you don't get recognized in your suit. In the long run, both from the extra money you earn and the money you don't spend, you'll have more money to spend on upgrades for your weapons and standard equipment. The early upgrades are $50,000 each. After that there are $75,000 each, $100,000 each (I think), $150,000 each and the last ones are $200,000 each. You need a fair amount of cash to fully upgrade everything.

18th Jun 2006, 11:46
yea and if u collect extra weapons or put the un-concealable ones in the cr8es; u get a lot more...

i got around 900k each time i got 1 or 2 extra weps and did SA ;)