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11th Jun 2006, 17:29
Hi there...

I add a command edit_screen_depth 800 600 into a user.cfg and my dromed become a bigger... But there is a problem, It switched dromed into a full window mode and I can't se a windows line with commands file, edit, wiev, shape and others... I just see only dromed fields and commands.... What I have to do to se my swindows line? Thanks...

John D.
11th Jun 2006, 19:08
What's your desktop resolution? Mine is 1024x768

12th Jun 2006, 09:08
Yep, this will happen if your desktop resolution isn't larger than the Dromed size you choose. I run Dromed at 1024x768 and my desktop I recently scaled down to 1152x864 to make Dromed larger.

12th Jun 2006, 17:41
Ok.. That is a point?... My resolution is 1024x 768... I have to have a dromed smaller than my resolution? That's what I have! Maybe some mystake.... Thanks I will handle with this... May dromed work properly under bigger resolution? (I mean 1024 x768 and bigger) or I have to heva some patch....

14th Jun 2006, 02:29
The max size of the Dromed window is 1024x768. Your screen resolution must always be bigger than your Dromed size.

14th Jun 2006, 11:45
Interesting... I tried to make the same, like Yandros have, or J.D., but nothing works properly... Newer mind, I will work in the small window like before....

14th Jun 2006, 18:14
Purah built all his mission, including Calendra's Legacy, in a little 640x480 Dromed! Crazy!

John D.
14th Jun 2006, 18:18
Purah built all his mission, including Calendra's Legacy, in a little 640x480 Dromed! Crazy!:eek:

P Forth
19th Jun 2006, 23:13
Purah built all his mission, including Calendra's Legacy, in a little 640x480 Dromed! Crazy!

Yes, but what Purah built was far from crazy. :D .
I think I do the same, as my desktop is 800x600, and my DromEd window is small, but if it was big enough for Purah, it is big enough for me.
Now all I have to do is make a mission as good as Purah, :thumbsup: .
Errr............................................... No chance. :eek: :p :lol: .

John D.
20th Jun 2006, 00:34
Now all I have to do is make a mission as good as Purah, .
Errr.............................................. . No chance. Go for it, even if you dont reach the goal it will be fun to attempt. I would have never made Deep Trouble 2 if I hadnt spent years trying to emulate Asylum's great Mech mission Hidden Agenda.:thumbsup:

P Forth
20th Jun 2006, 01:31
Go for it, .:thumbsup:

Thanks John, I have made three T2 fm,s, Close Encounters V1 and V2,
The Mechanist Cathedral and the Creepy Temple.
These are not the best missions ever made, I will be the first to admit,
but I did try.
I think time is not on my side here, as I am 44 years of age now.
DromEd is not easy to learn at any age, let alone when you are over 40,
as when you get past the big four zero, it takes longer to learn stuff, as
I have found. ;) .
However, I am not far from finnishing my fourth FM, a town mission, so I
will keep trying. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .
Maybe I will keep making missions for taffers of a certain age, like me. :D

John D.
20th Jun 2006, 11:39
You're not too old, I'm 30 and still going (of course there's not much else to do in my area so that helps;) ). I really liked Close Encounters, it started off like a regular undead mission and made a rather unexpected turn!:eek: :thumbsup:

P Forth
21st Jun 2006, 00:33
Thanks again for your comments John. I am glad you liked Close Encounters.
It was my very first attempt at a mission. I don't think it is too bad for a first
attempt. I just wanted to make an atmospheric mission that was a bit different.

Also, I know I am not too old to make missions, if I was, I would not still be
making them. :thumbsup:
What I ment was, at 44, it is hard to get my head round some of the more complex stuff like conversations. I have a tutorial on conversations, and just
reading it gives me a headache :o , let alone trying to do them. :mad: .

Anyway, back on topic here, my desktop is 800x600 and the DromEd window
is small. If I increase the desktop size, the DromEd window stays the same.
Is there a way of getting the DromEd window full sceen, without the menues
cut off at the top. I think I am having the same problems a YohnY here.
Thanks for your time. :thumbsup:

Ps, keep building YohnY. :thumbsup:

21st Jun 2006, 20:13
With dromed at 640x480, typing screen_dump in editor mode creates this image:
Now this image is 640x480, and you can see that the MS Windows interface is missing.

Therefore if you included the menu & title bars, they'd be outside the 640x480 boundry. The same applies to the other resolutions - the edit_screen_size value only applies to the balck dromed-area and the white status bar.

22nd Jun 2006, 18:26
Well you learn something new every day. I've been running Drom at 1024x768 and screen at 1280x1024. 1152x864 sceen makes drom fill almost the entire screen. Nice! Thanks Yandros! I still prefer 1280x1024 for everyday use but the new resolution will come in handy when I get on those long dromed binges.:thumbsup:

@R Soul...why is your UI green? Mine is blue. Is it a UK thing or something you can change?

22nd Jun 2006, 19:57
The colours can be changes in the ; Colors section of Dromed.cfg

P Forth
23rd Jun 2006, 01:09
Well, I opened up user.cfg and put in the settings Yandros uses and I can see the bigger picture now. Almost full screen. :thumbsup: . I must have been blind to miss your earlier post Yandros, sorry :o .
Also, I had a mess with the colours in DromEd.cfg and came up with this,
http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/4954/dump0074ax.png (http://imageshack.us)

A big thank you Yandros, and a big thank you R Soul. Cheers lads.:D :D :thumbsup:

23rd Jun 2006, 03:01
:eek: How do you look at such a hideous colour scheme? :lol: ;)

A little more subdued...

And age is no hindrance to learning Dromed. I'm almost 38 and feel more confortable with it every day (I still know it's a cruel evil mistress though).

P Forth
23rd Jun 2006, 03:30
After playing slugg's last mission, I can look at any colour scheme :lol: :lol: .

And as for age............, wait till you get past 40, ;) . You will see young
Mr Yandros, you will see. ;) ;) ;) .

27th Jun 2006, 02:49
Since you lot are doing this, i thought i'd join in! :rasp:

Here's mine...


The colours are...

edit_color_fg 255,255,255
edit_color_text 0,255,255
edit_color_hilite 255,255,0
edit_color_bright 255,255,255
edit_color_border 255,0,0
edit_color_white 0,0,255
edit_color_black 255,255,255

I deleted the other colour options.