View Full Version : Commandos Difficulty?

11th Jun 2006, 16:34
What is commandos difficulty? The hardest it gets for me is hard. Is it a bonus?

11th Jun 2006, 19:34
If you finish all missions with a 5 star rating the Commando difficulty will be unlocked. You can also download this file to unlock it: http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/details.php?file=138

11th Jun 2006, 22:36
Thank you!

Kiwi Man
18th Jul 2006, 03:52
Gah! On PS2, I got 5 stars on all of the missions and I wondered if anything would happen, but alas, it didn't. :(

18th Jul 2006, 10:11
Mmmz I thought it would unlock the Commandos difficulty, regardless of the system you're playing on. :confused: