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11th Jun 2006, 14:25
Should I return this game? Here's the story:

I am not talking game crashes or graphics issues and the like. I am talking software performance. For starters, I cannot play on any level other than Expert. Supposed to have different numbers of saves for each level one plays at, but I always have only the three saves - Expert - and the game always plays harder than Normal. Well, ok fine, I'll play Expert.

But now I am at A New Life and this is what happens/doesn't happen.

Get in house via clown disguise: I can dope the clown and have no detection, until I move. I can just stand there after doping him and get no meter reading, even suit up and stand there. But the very instant I dump the body into the box in his van, the instant, I get a red meter reading and get shot. Close lid, bang!

Try the fed's van. The caterer is supposed to bring donuts to the van, but if I dope the donuts he just goes in and out of the house and doesn't touch them. But I notice that I can pick up the donuts, so I do and bring them to the van, where I can put them down. I do that and there I am automatically knocking at the van door. The guy comes out and picks up the donuts and goes inside. Supposed to be a split screen scene showing them eating the donuts. Sometime there is, sometime there isn't. And in either case, they do not conk out.

Try the guard at the side of the house. The very instant that I push the mouse button for the wire or the dope, he turns and shoots. I am not talking a missed chance, I am talking the wire is not even out of my suit and I am shot.

Looks like the game fails to perform its functions at times and at others it runs ahead of the keyboard/mouse events.

So should I return the game?

11th Jun 2006, 15:35
Your game is messed up, reinstall it, patch up and run it from the original game exe. First time i hear about this problem...

11th Jun 2006, 16:39
Oh, I had already done the uninstalling and reinstalling and defragging and checkdiscing and patching and restarting and accessing from various shortcuts and the .exe. and updating the vid drivers and the whole ball of wax.

So I returned the game and fortunately they allowed me to exchange it for the 360 version. Have to play righthanded, because it won't allow thumbstick switching, but so far, if I go slow, it seems fine. So far.