View Full Version : You'd better watch out...

11th Jun 2006, 13:14
I can't get up to the helipad on the Xbox 360 version (objectives completed). I'm assuming I need to take the lift from the studio but no other option appears but 1st floor (down) and yet I can see that the lift should go up. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.


11th Jun 2006, 14:10
I beat this one with an SA rating, after i pushed they guy from the balcony i went all the way down to retrieve the suit and used to other escape route, the helipad had lots of guards up there but i was able to go there (PC version).
Are you using the wright elevator :confused: .

12th Jun 2006, 15:53
You need a bodyguard disguise to get up there. Furthermore, you'll need to dispose of all your weapons to access the helipad since you will be inspected. It's a dumb way to exit, and on pro it's impossible to get SA is you exit that way.