View Full Version : Need help in king arthur's tomb !! pls

11th Jun 2006, 12:21
I am at the beginig of the mission in england in king arthur's tomb and I am in the room after pulling the sword from the stone, the room with a big hole on the floor and to pass above it I have to jump on 3 pipes and then on a drow bridge wich lowers. The problem is that I can't get Lara to grab with both hands. It grabs only with 1 hand and I fall in the hole. By the time Lara gets back up the drow bridge closes and if I try it again I keep falling... is there a bug or something that I should know ???

11th Jun 2006, 13:10
If Lara only grabs with one hand, press the Action button and she'll grab with both.

11th Jun 2006, 15:26
One thread is usually enough to get help.

11th Jun 2006, 15:43
hi im new and im on the part after u find that u can the one guys coffin pls help i dont no what to do ohh im in King Arthurs tomb just so u no pls help:mad2: ****

11th Jun 2006, 16:20
Ermm... yes??

11th Jun 2006, 16:29
um u no after u find that u can move one half of the coffin i n king arthurs tomb by that dam were u grapple the mechenisims with the cages :p

11th Jun 2006, 16:47
On the XBox and XB360 versions, you need to press the "Y" button before Lara falls into the pit. On the PS2 you will need to press the "triangle" or "action" button.

A tipbit - Once you reach and pull the drawbridge down, you must jump back to the bar, swing and jump back onto the drawbridge before it closes. There is no way you can override the closing drawbridge.

There is one scenario that I just can't seem to solve :mad2:

Even after all these times I'm quite frustrated with the fight with the separent. I still can't grapple the lever in time to drop the tower onto the monster's head. I know how to distract it with the pistrols. Is there a visual clue I should be watching for before the monster turn for an attack?

11th Jun 2006, 17:10
As soon as she turns her head to look for the bell you're shooting at is your tip to use the grapple, make sure you let go of the lock button otherwise you'll miss the grapple and press the grapple button just once even if she's still hosltering her guns, otherwise you'll see Lara punching the air and losing 2 vital seconds. Then keep pushing the interact button to throw the lever as soon as the grapple reaches it. Should be enough time. :)