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11th Jun 2006, 02:23
Alright, so the game is not perfect. It has it's disadvantages and glitches just like any other game. But what I'm talking about are the characters....so lifelike, don't you agree? Party guests absent-mindedly wandering around, eating, talking to each other. Guards patrolling their routes. I seriously cannot get over how lifelike it is. Like in the vineyard mission, if you approach the main house complex, the guard at the door waves you away and your warning meter rises, but if you just turn around and walk off, it goes down again...don't go in or you'll get shot lol...

Characters have personality, too. I actually felt kinda sorry for killing the groveling park owner in the tutorial mission, he was so pathetic and broken, begging for his life. Or in that same plantation mission, I felt sorry for sticking Delgado with a syringe while he was sitting, playing his cello...felt like I was scoring a cheap shot.

It's these kinds of little things that make a game great. If other developers start following the trend, we can expect some great games in the future. :)

Anyone else have their own stories that they'd like to share?

11th Jun 2006, 04:05
You could search for a better chance to kill delgado, an acident? Suicide? ;) .
You can see some screenies on the user picture thread that kind of describes what you mean.
There are some "life" alike a.i. animations in the Mississipi boat level, 5th floor but their not very.. straight :lol: .