View Full Version : perks for SA rating etc

9th Jun 2006, 11:03
At the moment I'm just completing the game on Pro difficulty and Silent Assasin rating, is there any perks (unlocked weapon, new upgrades etc) that I should be looking out for when I complete it?

9th Jun 2006, 11:33
There is absolutely NOTHING. no secret weapons, no nothing. That's right, you just wasted all that time for nothing. Congratulations

9th Jun 2006, 14:50
But that's just stupid, this is something people have come to expect from any game (i.e you're rewarded for achieving difficult quests/missions).

I was really dissapointed when they screwed the Deus Ex series up (The original Deus Ex was probably the best game ever made), but even more now.

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