View Full Version : i need help again murder of crows (spoiler)

9th Jun 2006, 10:35
is there anybody who get silent assasian on this level.
Murder of Crows

Thanks for helps.

9th Jun 2006, 12:54
You've got to be joking right? I can beat this stage in under 14 minutes err 10 prolly with an SA rating. lol I feel it would only kill your'e gaming experience if I told you how to do it, so instead I will give you the direction in which to go.

SPOILERS :scratch:

First and alway's syringe the red chicken (I know he's really a crow) and put him in the trash. (hopefully he went walking down the 4-way alley), if so the female black chicken comes cockadoodle doodling on by. Have your'e way with her in a hurry cause a piggy with a gun will come walking by shortly. (Note, you do not want to kill this chick with the accident trick cause that wouldn't be very silent now would it?) Drag her into the building. Now all you have to do is pick up her walkie talkie and Mr black chicken will appear on the map. Take him out. Go change into the mighty red chicken suit and visit the leader of the black chickens. Ahem, you don't have to actually "Kill" the sniper and the leader with guns. Actually, the answer is not in youre inventory. When youre finished go and pick up youre black suit so ya dont have to pay some idiot $5,000 to get it for ya. Then just leave

9th Jun 2006, 13:13
Well, since all you seem to want to do is toot your own horn and proclaim how good you are at this game (pretty much every post you make you talk about how fast you beat either the mission, the game, or both), perhaps you should just move on to another forum and another genre. Obviously games like this are too simplistic for your mighty intellect.

9th Jun 2006, 13:52
yeah I've got to be joking :rasp: