View Full Version : Tomb raider in your dreams

8th Jun 2006, 21:29
Ever had dreams about Tomb raider experiences?

Most recently I had a dream where I reran the boulder run in the Temple of Puna in Tomb raider 3.
I also have, in two seperate dreams, created the exact same area in my head. It's in London. It's not an actual level location, but it feels like ruined corridors underneath Lud's gate. It's hard to explain.

This told me without a doubt that Tomb raider has had an impact on me. The more negative impacts were that, before I pushed myself to complete the Lost city of Tinnos in Tomb raider 3, I had nightmares about the wasps coming; in whatever place I was present in the particular dream.

I'm sure I've had more but this is all I can remember at the moment.

8th Jun 2006, 21:38
Quite oftenly, but none come up to mind atm. I do remember some details of the latest one, and I was in Peru. Don't ask me what exactly, but it pretty much looked as though as I were inside the game. Nice graphics, fluid movement et all! :D

Sophia Leigh
8th Jun 2006, 23:52
LOL! I know I've had a few but only one that I can recall. I had a dream that I was Lara and I was shooting baddies while doing side somersaults - I wish I could really do that! The scenery was a cross between TR2 Tibetan monestary style and the TR4 training level :lol: :lol: :lol:

9th Jun 2006, 00:40
Were you talking to yourself, you know, things like "To crawl, press crouch and then press forward" or "to perform a summersault, press left or right and jump together" ? :scratch: :D

Sophia Leigh
9th Jun 2006, 01:50
Were you talking to yourself, you know, things like "To crawl, press crouch and then press forward" or "to perform a summersault, press left or right and jump together" ? :scratch: :D
LOL, no, nothing like that :lol: :lol: :lol:

16th Jun 2006, 15:59
My wasp nightmares, I now recall, were remarkably numerous; and nearly all were in Tinnos-like environments. I remember a sort of courtyard, where I just knew wasps were waiting. And I remember a pit, too, that I had to swing over, but I knew there were wasps in that pit. And so on. I always gave up in those dreams and just wished to wake up. But as soon as I actually finished the level, the nightmares stopped. A good thing, too; I had begun dreading to go to bed.

star girl
16th Jun 2006, 18:43
I once had a dream on the 'unfinished part of AOD'. I was not in it, but the whole Lara and Kurtis and characters in the Parisian Ghetto, and a few more beggars and co. I don't remember it now properly, it was months back. At first I saw Kurtis sitting on a number of crates above the ground, (hey this is hilarious, okay?) Then Lara came up and asked him: "What next?" Some mercenaries then open fire on them and they duck behind the crates. The mercs leave and Lara and Kurtis go somewhere (dunno where). Then lara says to Kurtis that she'll stay with the rest of the team (Ghetto people), while he diffused the bomb in Rennes Pawnshop!! :D Well, he took ages and Lara slept on the ground and so did the other team members and he looked so lovingly at Lara when he returned (I was seriously obsessed with LC+KT romance at that time!) Then another revelation they are entering the Louvre (the whole team) and Kurtis is running through a gallery and it ended up in the Sanitarium!!! I wake up... :D :D :lol:

Then another one I had, I was dressed as Lara and shooting with my pistols at some baddie boss on the roof of my house! I run out of ammo and rush downstairs and find a shotgun, no shells either. I ask my servant, where the shells were. He answered that you cannot put shells in that gun without the permission from the government! :D :D I immediately woke up....

It's always been a thing with me. I hardly dream, but when I do, I either have very strong and meaningful dreams, or extra stupid ones like these two! :p