View Full Version : Help would be great

8th Jun 2006, 20:28
This game is amazing in everyway but like all things great somethign has to f@*k up. The stupid game crashes everytime i try to load a saved game. Also it used to crash during load but reinstalled it and it worked fine. Please no BS, just a straight foward how to fix this answer so i can get back to pushing ppl off of ledges and throwing knifes.

P.S. my computer is 100% compatible with the recommended specs so its not a hardware issue to my knowledge.

8th Jun 2006, 21:36
Read this :D


8th Jun 2006, 22:29
Im trying it but ill let you know if it dosnt work

9th Jun 2006, 00:18
HOLY BA-JESUS MY PROBLEMS SOLVED thanks man :thumbsup: