View Full Version : All you guys running xfire and getting CTD read this!

8th Jun 2006, 19:38
“1r0nbunny” on the “Hitman forum” used his big head and figured out the problem for a lot of guys including my self! :)

Read this thread: http://www.hitmanforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33099

Summery: All you guys using Xfire and are experiencing CTD when loading, restarting or starting up a new mission this is the solution:

1: At the top of your Xfire Friends list, click tools>options

2: Select the Games tab

3: Find “Hitman Blood Money” in your installed games list

4: Click on the “Advanced option” bottom

5: Click the box “Deactivate Xfire in game chat”

6: Restart Xfire, Enjoy! :cool:

Many thanks to 1r0nbunny that figured out where the problem was coming from :D

8th Jun 2006, 23:49
This was already posted, I believe.

What's this xFire thing anyway?

8th Jun 2006, 23:51
This was already posted, I believe.

What's this xFire thing anyway?


9th Jun 2006, 00:04
okay, so it's basically another junkware.

9th Jun 2006, 02:06
Yes and no. Xfire has one really nice feature, assuming you play multiplayer online games like Battlefield 2. It'll keep a friends list and let you jump into games on servers they are playing, without having to get in touch with them manually, figure out the IP of the server they're on, and try to log into that specific one. The rest of it I really don't care about.