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8th Jun 2006, 12:40
hi i have seen the game on tv and internet but im not realy shure if its a good game and because its realy expensive. i whanna buy it but not if im already done with the game after a week of playing could somewhone tel me some good things about the game

8th Jun 2006, 12:42
Buy it if you are hardcore TR fan. Buy it as it is awesome game. Don't buy it, ONLY and ONLY, if you think you will get frustrated because of its length - game is VERY short: 13 - 20 hours of gameplay at most, it gives. Other than that, buy it. It rocks!

9th Jun 2006, 04:59
It's a good game no doubt. Beautiful visuals and environments. But some rather difficult boss battles. I never could understand where people get this 10 to 12 hours of gameplay. It took me 5 hours to go through the first level. It took me on average about 3 hours to play a level in Chaos Theory. So any game I play I need weeks and weeks to play through the entire thing.

9th Jun 2006, 06:02
I wonder how long it'd take for you to finish TR2 then. With all the little dragon statues.

9th Jun 2006, 15:50
I daresay, buy it! :thumbsup:

Afterall Lara is the queen of video games. Still sexy and spicy even after ten years. :D Even more so now with the graphics enhancements Crystal Dynamics had given her. She had come a long way since her humble beginnings of the 16 polygram programming days of 1996. What else do I have to say?

11th Jun 2006, 16:54
buy it you have three levels it`s hours of fun and frustration go for it

Straw Dog
11th Jun 2006, 17:40
buy it you have three levels it`s hours of fun and frustration go for it

hurrah, another contender for 'Most bizarre, poorly researched, nonsensical post of the week'

Three levels? that would take you to the end of Japan (and lets just disregard the fact that, technically, the Peru section itself is actually made up of three different levels) so what about Ghana, Kazakhstan, England, Nepal and Bolivia Redux?, and Croft Manor which is probably deeper than all the other levels in its gameplay so certainly deserves to be classified as a full level.

Sometimes I wonder whether anyone reads what they've just written before hitting the 'submit reply' button. Three levels...:lol:

Anyway back on topic... Its an above average game, but not an above average tomb raider game. Buy it when you get enough cash.

11th Jun 2006, 18:24
Three levels?
Alas, the notion most frequently inserted betwixt "in dubio" and "stipulatorem" when interpreting ambiguous forum postings is "contra" and not "pro". What lizzie7 had in mind, I'm certain, was "levels" as in Explorer, Adventurer and Tomb Raider. Now, sometimes I wonder whether anyone reads what they've just written before hitting the 'submit reply' button ;).

11th Jun 2006, 19:01
Having finished the game 3 times, you probably have the impression that I really liked it. I did but maybe you should wait until the price goes down. I alway purchase the game as soon as it comes out and several months later the price goes down. Then later, I see it for about a third of what I paid. :mad:

11th Jun 2006, 22:11
Buy it!! I completed the game and now have started it again....:D :D

Hopefully, I will find all the rewards this time... :mad2: :mad2: