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8th Jun 2006, 00:32
Whenever I try to optimize my FM I receive the following message:

Error: SplitPortalPolyhedronByPlane: Polyhedron didn’t cross plane
(Yes to trap, No to exit, Cancel to ignore)

No matter what I press, dromed exits. What does this mean and what can I do about it?

John D.
8th Jun 2006, 01:15
Something may be wrong with the last few brushes you placed. Try screening out the most recent area you built with area brushes and see if it completes processing. If so, you might have to delete the offending brushes and rebuild them. You may also have gone over the 'edge' of the Dromed area which would be 1000 units away from the Dromed coordinates 0,0,0. If so, you'll have to remove that work and put it somewhere within the cube.

8th Jun 2006, 18:23
If everything is within the 1000 unit limit, see if you have the file crash000.log in your Thief folder. Open it and you'll see brush numbers, and faces.

Examine these in Dromed.
E.g. if the .log file says brush 1128, in Dromed use the command hilight_brush 1128. It might be hard to see though. Alternatively, note that the 'Time' value (in the lower left corner of the Dromed window) is one less than the brush number, so you can use Tab get to it.

3rd Jul 2006, 01:47
thanks! I deleted the brushes that were causing me problems, how do I rebuild them without having the same issues?

3rd Jul 2006, 14:57
The error can be caused by a problematic intersection of brushes, so sometimes you can just change their sizes slightly, or move them a little.