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6th Jun 2006, 21:28
Hi, this is my problem:

I collected all of the Bronze rewards in Croft Manor. All but 1 Silver rewards (I combed the WHOLE place and can't find the last one...it's annoying, lol). No gold reward yet.

I also got the first 2 clues in the manor (Secret passageway & pool area). I opened the secret area in the Library where the 3rd clue is located but I can NOT read the 3rd clue. :/

I looked into a walkthrough and apparently it said NOT to collect the Silver reward BEFORE opening the secret area which means I must have accidently collected the Silver reward that was behind the glowing bookshelf that was hidden with the 3rd clue as the Silver reward was not there when I came back later and opened the secret area in the Library.

Now I'm stuck.

Is there *any* way to fix this? Can I restart the Croft Manor & redo everything? Or am I just stuck for good now? :P Any help would be great! Thanks.

6th Jun 2006, 22:37
The only medals I remember in the libraray were on the bottom next to the door you can shoot out the woodenplanks at the side of the door and in the upper library/desk room behind a bookcase that's moved with a switch.

Hope that helps!


7th Jun 2006, 01:11
Did you check behind the fish statue in the pool area, the one oposite the statue that had the ball that you used to lower the planter. A lot of people seem to miss that one. l collected all the other rewards before getting the gold, so that should not be a problem. But the only clue you read in the library is the one you you read after you push the books in, is this the one you cannot read? Try pressing the interact button while standing in front of it, or leave, and come back and try it

lara lady
7th Jun 2006, 01:26
The riddle of the library.I'll help.First yougo out into the main hall an go to the far side on either side it does'nt matter.Then,you touch the face's toung,like you have done be for,and befor you do that,take your grapple and swing it at that shinny thing and spears will appear.Touch the toung and then swing across the spears and reach the other balcony.Then,touch the other toung and a stachue will show.Then,you will read the riddle and you face the stachue twards the sunlight.And then you take lara and put her on the pressure sencer.Then the floor will rise.And their will be yourGOLDEN TRESURE!!Good luck completing and gratz too! ~Lara Lady~

lara lady
7th Jun 2006, 01:28
oh,yeah.the silver.Go to where you got you binoculars and look behind both fish theirs 1 their!!!

~Lara Lady~:p