View Full Version : Partial review/thoughts (xbox)

6th Jun 2006, 17:35
I haven’t quite finished Blood Money, but I’ve played enough to voice an opinion, and I think it’s an excellent game, crippled by one critical flaw – the save system. On the plus side, the story is satisfying; not intriguing, but interesting and serviceable. Silent Assassin had the best story of the series, imo.

What I love about the game and the series is the ability to choose your approach to each mission (barring the linear tutorial, of course). Making mistakes doesn’t mean game over, but forces you to improvise and retool your strategy. This makes missions highly immersive and unpredictable. The mechanics work well for the most part, and I have no major complaints with the gameplay.

The AI is sometimes very good, and sometimes ludicrous. I think this is forgivable, given the amount of NPCs moving about each level and their many varied patterns and idiosyncrasies. I do have a problem with guards, security, or any armed opponents. When alerted to your presence they invariably charge your position and are relatively easy to dispose, so before you know it a botched job can result in half a dozen bodies piled up in front of you. Enemies need more brains.

The game killer is the save system. It isn’t only the need to forever restart an entire mission each time you exit before completing it, but whatever upgrades you chose before starting the mission are wiped out as well, and the only time you need to buy intel is the first or second go, since you’ll know the info by the third time you start the mission. This is the most annoying, frustrating, ridiculous save system I’ve encountered in a game in a long time, and in this day and age is totally unforgivable. And because of this I would score the game 6.5/10, as opposed to an 8.5/10 I’d give it had a sensible save system been implemented.