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6th Jun 2006, 16:05
I've had enough of that sea monster in england and i want to download a saved game. I chose "after fight" from the list and now its in the legend - saved games folder. Then i went back to the game and loaded previously saved game but nothing happened, what am I doing wrong? :confused:

6th Jun 2006, 17:31
Use this (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr7/gamesaves.html). It makes the whole process completely simple.

7th Jun 2006, 16:39
I did use that but i can't make it work :confused:

9th Jun 2006, 10:22
please help me now, i can't kill the monster, it doesn't even turn its head though i shoot..

9th Jun 2006, 10:54
Try this: Go to the folder where the saved games are. c:\documents and settings\owner\my documents\tombraider legend folder. Open the folder "saved games" then delete all files in there. Go back and do what you originally did with the zipped file you downloaded. Do this at your own risk but it worked with a fellow tombraider I had helped.

9th Jun 2006, 12:38
Make sure you are actually in the game (last checkpoint) when you load the {new} previous saved games. I got sick of trying to avoid the rolling ball in Ghana and used a previous saved game.....

Thank God these exists....:D

9th Jun 2006, 14:00
yay it works now thanks.. goodbye sea monster :D