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6th Jun 2006, 02:41
Hey guys
I'll go chronologically through my problem.
Bought the game as soon as it came out, took it home, installed it.
I then took the dvd out and applyed a no-cd crack (as I always do; I prefer not to have to swap disks every time I want to play a different game.)

I had the shocking performance problem, so I downloaded the 1.1 patch. Reinstalled the game, applyed the patch, and tried the 1.1 crack. It didn't work, so I reinstalled again, applyed 1.1 patch, and just tried playing with the DVD in the drive, as trying to crack it has given me enough trouble already.

Its a lot better performance wise, however I keep experiencing random crashes. I am on the opera level, generally it occurs when I load but i've experienced it happening at purely random times.

THanks in advance everyone

I have a 9800 pro 2.6p4 if thats important but I doubt it is...

6th Jun 2006, 02:48
What's your sound card?

If you have onboard sound, make sure get the latest driver for it. The crashes on that particular level are often related to sound cards/drivers.

Also try lowering Sound Hardware Acceleration.

Start -> Run. Type "dxdiag" (no quotes) and then Run. Click Sound tab. Use Sound Acceleration slider to shift acceleration a notch to the left. If that doesn't help, try sliding it entirely to the left. See if it improves anything.

6th Jun 2006, 03:23
I have a creative live 5.1 I think i have the latest drivers; i'll try adjusting the sound hardware acceleration and get back to you.
Thanks for the help thus far

6th Jun 2006, 05:36
I have the same problem as Xytech, on any level the game will randomly lock up or crash. System specs are in my sig. ALL drivers are up to date, even beta drivers for my 7900GT.