View Full Version : Lost... everything...

5th Jun 2006, 23:55
I updated to 1.1, ran the game, and it says my name is now Hitman used to be "Inflame" and everything i played for is gone.. and i don't wanna redo everything...

5th Jun 2006, 23:57
Did you apply no-cd crack after you patched the game?

6th Jun 2006, 00:10
Nope... bought the game

6th Jun 2006, 00:26
Did you install the correct 1.1 patch? The one that can be downloaded from the sticky thread here. Make sure you don't confuse it with DEMO patch.

If you did, the only way this will happen is when you install no-cd crack for version 1.1. So, use the official .exe and it will work okay.