View Full Version : Transformation of Moe + Areil

5th Jun 2006, 21:50
I noticed that throuout lok ariel and moe change...


-Bo1-Really old and frail and wise and stuff

-Sr1-No apearance

-Sr2-Old still yet seems smarter and more caniving and cool

-Bo2-No apearance

-Def-Like Bo1 yet less high pitched voice


-Bo1-Really spaced out yet wise aswell

-Sr1-Pritty much same as bo but ore pretty

-Sr2-Way more fragile and totaly down to earth, we understand and pitty her

-Bo2-No apearence

-Def-Way spaced out again and lost the prettyness they had going in Sr

Anyway all in all my favourite Moe is Sr2 (he just seems sooo cool and calculateing) and my favourite ariiel is Sr2 aswell (she just seems so fragile you want to sit her down and tell her its alright) So whs ur fav moe + Ariel?

11th Aug 2006, 02:24
In BO1, Moebius was faking that he was weaker than he was as part of his role as the Oracle. Much like in the beginning of SR2 where he's trying to get sympathy from Raziel. (Although he does give himself away on occasion)