View Full Version : FFXIV ARR - Demo / Test Version?

23rd Sep 2013, 13:48
Is there demo or test version of the game available?

I currently live in China, and would like to play with my friends on EU servers, but I'd first like to test to see if I even get playable latency & performance on EU servers before purchasing the game.

Lacking a demo version, might there be any other way to achieve such a test?

23rd Sep 2013, 13:52
I don't think there's anything available that would do what you're asking. There is only the downloadable 'Benchmark' that will test your PC's ability to run the game but nothing on latency etc. I suppose this is one of the reasons the game comes with a 30 day trial but either way all the NA/EU servers are run in Canada. I actually find I get less lag connecting to the JP servers than my native EU server.

23rd Sep 2013, 14:19
Thanks for the reply. That's interesting, I didn't know the NA/EU servers were both in Canada. I don't suppose you know where in Canada they are hosted?

Edit: from what I can find, it seems possible that they are based in Montreal.

23rd Sep 2013, 14:23
Montreal I think, a lot of people think it doesn't make sense as with most MMO's you have separate data centres on the west and east coasts for America alone. They really should put the EU servers in Europe as it has been getting very laggy (in my experience), plus then when maintenance happens then there would be 3 separate zones. With the current setup even if it's just NA servers that need work then they take the entire NA & EU servers down :(