View Full Version : Door graphical bug and newspaper bug found

Out of Sanity
4th Jun 2006, 22:24
I just wanted to say that I found a graphical bug for a door in the level "Tilll Death Do Us Part" at the left rear site of the main building (the side where the dog is)
the door is shimmering someway.


in the same level Mr.47 is dropping in in a strange way at the beginning of the mission


Same happens at the beginning of "A New Life"


and I found another / another 2 things, in two of the newspapers there are some texts that either are written exactly on the border so or they are interleaved , in both cases it only affects the last line of a text.

The first glitch is in the Newspaper after "Till Death Do Us Part"


The other one is in the newspaper at the end of "Amendment XXV"


I hope I can help with this information if there should be developed a 1.2 patch