View Full Version : Can Someone give me some tips *SPOILERS*

4th Jun 2006, 10:37

i am trying to do hitman on pro and i am stuck on "Dance With The Devil"
i have tryed the way i did it on the other difficulty levels but none of them work could someone tell me away which is a Easy way to kill the women in the Basement everyone else is easy to kill apart from her.

Soon as i go in to the basement the person at the end of the hall see's me and my bar goes Red...

could someone give me some good tips??

4th Jun 2006, 21:20
1. Please, use SPOILER warnings in your thread title if you're asking for tips.


Woman in the basement? I assume you mean Vaana (or whatever her name). You can rig her pirotechnics machine.

Out of Sanity
4th Jun 2006, 22:34
I just gave her a headshot with my silverballers , i was in disguise of that golden cia agent i found in the heaven ^^