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4th Jun 2006, 04:47
please how killed the last monster in tomb raider legend;
how to use excalibur when the monster is had earth.
please i need this reconsider quickly. :cool: :confused:

4th Jun 2006, 06:46
When the monster is in the ground, use the "interact" button (E on keyboard/PC) to stab it. Do this about four times and it'll be dead.

4th Jun 2006, 09:23
Yea, and make sure your camera angle (pitch, actually) is above horizon, aiming the head of the beast (actually, its name is UNKNOWN ENTITY I guess). If you do that correctly red crosshair will appear showing you are aimed correctly. While fighting never stand in one place, always move and shoot. When the beast open his arms wide, it means he is charging for fire, so get behind large rock/statue, but stay away from the rock, don't stay too close to it. Once beast fires his firebolt, you resume your hit'n'run. Its easy, unless you are playing in the hardest difficulty.

5th Jun 2006, 02:25
thank you all my friends:o :)

5th Jun 2006, 15:14
I think it's meant to be Amanda...but she is using the energy of the unknown entity...sort of...:scratch:

Olgerth Heidern
5th Jun 2006, 18:16
The key to beating the beasty is to switch your combat mode to Advanced Toggle. That way Lara ALWAYS stays locked on to the creature and you can concentrate on dodging the attacks while spraying the thing with the Excalibur waves.

And yes, when it collapses, run (or better yet roll-dive) to it and stab it using the Interact button. Stabbity stab stab - four times will do her in.