View Full Version : Sound Problems

3rd Jun 2006, 23:36
Is anyone experiencing any sound problems with HBM for on PS2. When I get halfway through a level it seems when you fire your gun, talk with people or walk around you can not hear the gun being fired, people speaking to you, or your own footsteps anymore. . This is happening on all the levels I've played so far. Everything works fine but halfway through or towards the end there is no sound.

4th Jun 2006, 06:34
Hmm does it do this with any of your other games on ur ps2?
If so-then you could take back the game and get a new copy if you have not done so already

if the promblem is still going like that when you get a new copy then it might be the Ps2...

(the last one can only be right if the first thing is asked you is right):D