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3rd Jun 2006, 17:42
I have a problem with rogue trooper. I cannot join any games at all and I am behind a router. I have all my firewalls off. I know it is me because the host has players playing in it.

4th Jun 2006, 23:53
Hello? Are admins even on this thread? 2 days and no answer...

5th Jun 2006, 21:50
I'm pretty sure they don't check here at all. This forum is way too hard to find amidst Eidos 297 other games. :confused:

you might try the Tech support page they listed:

What's frustrating is you have to wind your way through a half dozen sub menus until you get to the point you can actually e-mail tech support. It is there eventually though, and maybe you can get some help from them via email. Good luck. :) *(really, as there aren't enough people playing online to afford to lose one cause of router problems).

6th Jun 2006, 00:16
ok ty! this game is really sweet.. i just wish it had more hype

6th Jun 2006, 00:37
well i stil cant find there email.. I see there phone number and mail:/

6th Jun 2006, 07:00
Ok it must have been host cuz I got to play with other plp today. Also got my freind to get this game and we had a blast on co op ^^! Just wish ther ewas a map editor! We both have mics so it all works out.

6th Jun 2006, 13:55
Alas I find even when I play with people who have mics they usually don't have them set up properly so all I or anyone can hear is some random mumbling. :scratch:

Yeah the game could've used more marketing, I get the impression they just dumped the game on the market and now that it's out you won't see much more hyping effort.

I wish I was worried about insulting them but they never post or respond here, so not much chance of that. :rolleyes: