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2nd Jun 2006, 15:29
Hi guys,

Got this game few days ago and I am getting this very weird crash. As I read from the forums, most of the people get a crash to desktop, but my problem is a bit different. The game DOES crash, but not to the desktop. The screen just goes green, red, blue (all the coloures mixed up) and freezes. Nothing else to do than to restart, bloody pain in the arse I can tell you since I am trying to play at the Pro level. I've reinstalled the game several times, reinstalled the nVidia drivers several times, installed the patch... nothing helps... Does anyone know what might cause this "pissing-me-off-problem"!? I would be very grateful, since this has been one of the best games I've played this year and I really want to finish it :-)

2nd Jun 2006, 18:59
I'm sorry but we are not psychics here. At least post your system specs, and tell when exactly does it crash.

Mobb Deep
2nd Jun 2006, 19:07
It looks like your graphics card... try to install the latest drivers for it and look if there aint all dust on it!

2nd Jun 2006, 19:08
AMD Athlon 3000+
512 MB ram
GeForce 6800GT 256 MB (AGP)
VIA AC'97 onboard sound

There is no exact "point" when it crashes, it comes whenever it likes... I can usually play at least 5 mins before there is a threat for this "crash"... first five minutes are usually ok, but after that I get all nerveouse and basically just wait for it to crash...

2nd Jun 2006, 19:16
I'd suggest trying different drivers. There are, AFAIK, beta nVidia drivers available. In addition, make sure you have the latest DirectX.

Also, are your video card's temperatures okay? Did you check?

2nd Jun 2006, 21:01
You are not the one. I have the same probleme

My Specs:
amd athlon xp 1.8ghz
768 ram
ati radeon 9800 pro drivers :
tested with drivers 6.1, 6.4, 6.5 and omega drivers...

directx : 9.0c

3rd Jun 2006, 12:14
Please someone can help us ? Eidos ?

3rd Jun 2006, 18:52
Problem solved... You were right, the grapich card was overheating all the time. I took the case off, turned to vent speed to max (go figure :P), blew the dust off and put it back in. Even left the case open, so the air could ventilate better. Anyways, thanks for your help guys... BIG THANKS!

5th Jun 2006, 23:44
how do you turn vent speed to max ?