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1st Jun 2006, 14:36
Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations, other than reducing/disabling Sound Acceleration, to prevent the Crash to Desktop on the Curtains Down level on Hitman: Blood Money?

I've found the game doesn't crash if you disable sound acceleration in DXDiag, but the audio is rubbish and only detracts from the gameplay.

How about including a fix in Patch 1.2 or a 1.1 update.

Appreciate any response. :)

System Specs
Win 2K SP4
P4 3.0Ghz
1 Gig ram
AGP 6600gt
Gigabyte Mobo with onboard sound

1st Jun 2006, 18:12
Try one notch above disabled. Worked for me.

2nd Jun 2006, 12:05
Cheers! :D

That seems to have fixed it temporarily (fingers crossed).

I just hope I don't have other Crash to Desktop problems.

Looking through this forum there seems to be a whole host of issues with this game that players are having, hopefully Eidos will read these and investigate further, afterall its their reputation on the line.

Thanks for the reply...:thumbsup:

2nd Jun 2006, 16:16

Just a quick update to say, I'm now past the Curtains Down level with the Opera singer, and I've returned my system DXdiag settings to Full Sound Acceleration and the game is now working well.

I still think the Curtains Down level should be patched by Eidos to fix the sound problem for players who may not know about the DXdiag temporary fix.

Eidos employees/moderators please take note, this is a great game.....just have your coders fix the few crash problems raised on this forum by other members and myself.....
.....I'm waiting patiently for patch 1.2 (in between the odd hit jobs) :rolleyes:

Thanks again...:nut:

3rd Jun 2006, 13:53
:mad: NNNOOOOooooo!!!!!!!!!

This is getting silly.....

........guess what????

On the Murder of the Crows level (The Mardi Gras one) I've been getting the Crash to Desktop problem again. OK so I install patch 1.1 to no avail, still crashes, fine, I try updating my NVidia driver to the latest release, and yet again crashes!!! :mad2:

So I decide to take another look at the level and noticed the crashes occuring when I'm in either close proximity to one of the bird assassins or when I'm holding the walkie talkie as the hidden assassin is transmitting. :eek:

Hmm!..think I.........this problems sounds familiar, i.e. Curtains Down sound issue with the Opera singer, I exit the game and enter DXdiag and (yet again) reduce Sound Acceleration to Basic.

Low and Behold!!!...............No more crashes.

**** Come on Eidos, this is obviously a bigger issue than I previously thought.

Get'a'Fixin! (please :whistle: )

3rd Jun 2006, 20:10
One thing i can say is that you need to take the speakers out and see if it works like that if it does then something to do with them