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1st Jun 2006, 12:46
OMG what the hell do you do in that alcholics place I'm so lost, will anyone who has 5 min to spare just give me a few simple hints.

1st Jun 2006, 13:20
I'm assuming you're referring to the mission Flatline? I felt the same way; I don't think I'm provided with enough information at the mission beginning. Couple of hints, which I'm going to spoiler:

First, you need a disguise. Couple of possible ways to do this. Get the clinic security uniform from a guard, get the patient robes from a patient (there's one hiding behind the dumpsters in the outer area), or steal the admission papers from the smoking man outside and check yourself in. Second, the orderlies in the basement have the key you need to get into the medical wing. Third, the CCTV recorder is in the guard office on the main floor.

1st Jun 2006, 17:30
This mission is particularly overwhelming at first.

You actually don't need a disguise, if you're very clever. Hint: you can climb on top of the building via a drain pipe to get to the other side.

1st Jun 2006, 21:21
Thanks guys that was a huge help.

3rd Jun 2006, 20:04
I found that mission easy as i was just running around the outside woundering how to get in was the hardest part of the mission once ur in its easy.

Once you have found teh agent you can Kill 2 more people for extra cash
there is one which always drinks u can go up the stairs and then place a bomb on the light beam and blow it up to kill the person in the room which is drinking

The other one is working out which i shot which was a stupid thing to do i say
because the guards all come after you.. i would try and find a differnt way than that(You DONT have to do these if you dont want to and i would say if your starting and you are good go for it but its kind of hard when there my be alot of guards out there to kill you

Some added info for differnt levels

On One Mission A dance with the devil you have to kill a person called Eve she can be found in the officer with the laptop in it but watch it she Is deadly she has a Knife on her so watch Out!!!

first time i did it she Cut me up with the knife so next time i killed her with a shotgun

The Next person is The bartender Down in the basement
he is quite easy to kill but i would say if you dont have the best of aim get down there with alot of health and Kill him he has a machine gun and he hides at the back of the room so you know where to aim

The other 2 is easy the Women Can the Settings on the computer and then when she is on stage she gets blown up and dies

one More Mission

Amendment xxv

this IS HARD or i kind of thought it was i have some tips which can help
dont use guns dont Climb scoffolding Because the workers tell the guards which have rifles

And dont leave no body in the open for people to see
Mark somebody has a good aim so watch it he killed me 4 times with a head shot on full health

thats all i can give on this mission so hope these helpped