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31st May 2006, 15:54
I have learned how to put the mods in the game I spent so much time :mad2: and finally found someone to explain how to do it in detail. Now what mods to get? What mods conflict with one another?

31st May 2006, 18:24
Most mods you will find will not conflict although some will overwrite one another. For instance if you d/l a mod that reskins all the French soldiers and then d/l a mod that only reskins French grenadiers, you have to decide which do you want to keep.:scratch:

14th Jun 2006, 04:03
Hi officerpuppy

Do you have any new skins out for arty?

I have just D/L a bunch of your skins just about 15 minutes ago and put them into the game, how ever thanks to a translator I finally found the England folder (04Inglaterra) Boy that was different.:scratch:

14th Jun 2006, 04:49
Yes I know I've released arty skins for England I think in another mod I made them for the other nations. And in another mod I think included US arty skins.:scratch: