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31st May 2006, 05:13
The game crashes to desktop with a standard WinXP error warning. The game crashes at a certain point:

--In the first minute of the game when the actress begins singing the shrill operatic song, she is later joined by a male voice singing. At that precise moment the game crashes.

I have the patch installed. My specs are:

--GeForce 6800
--2 GB RAM

Help is appreciated, thanks.

31st May 2006, 05:30
Follow up to my own post-- eliminating hardware acceleration for sound allowed me to play through the bug. However, my sound was terrible. I will see what happens if I move it incrementally upwards.

31st May 2006, 10:24
i have nearly the same specs (3500+, 1GB Ram, GeF.6800) an I had the same problem. Disabling the HW-acceleration in the dxdiag-tool didn't help me out. Finally I just copied the profile from a friend (who was in the next level) and left out that level, because I was getting absolutely mad because I couldnt find any solution. If you dont find any other solution thats at least a way to be able to continue playing.

greets alex

31st May 2006, 10:26
haven't read the second post...
so ur lucky ;o)


31st May 2006, 11:31
If its suspected to be a sound related problem posting your sound hardware might be helpfull ;) .
I have a audigy2 zs with the latest drivers and i dont have any problem with this level.

1st Jun 2006, 18:09
So a final follow-up. Using the CONTROL PANEL, I disabled Hardware acceleration for sound. It worked. I moved it up a notch. Sound was perfect, no more crashes. I'm set.

I'm using SoundMAX Digital audio because my Sound Card sucked.

30th Nov 2008, 17:23
I've read elsewhere that if you complete the mission before it crashes, the errors stop coming. SO i decided to complete the level as quickly as possible and heres how i did it :

Customize the W2000 sniper rifle with the low velocity bullets. Begin the level and walk up the stairs and head to the left, when the guard passes, pick the lock and walk in, closing the door behind you. To your left will be Alvade, to your right, Delahunt. Press X to enter the sniper mode and snipe Alvade, Delehunt will act shocked and start to move, snipe him and drop the gun with 'G'. Exit the room and sprint (holding shift) to the exit. This should net you a completion with around 1:07 on the clock. You will get a Hitman status for this level if you do not get caught or kill ne one else. After you complete this level i've been told the error's stop coming because its some complication with the music.

Hope it helps.

15th Aug 2009, 04:28
Hi i am experiencing the random crash throughout the game i can't even get past the first level without it crashing can anyone help me? my pc specs are --->

Amd 64: 2.4Ghz
3G of ram
ATI Radeon 3450

Ralph B
4th Oct 2009, 18:21
I finally got to this mission and it keeps crashing as soon as I go into the bathroom to get the workers uniform.is this whole game buggy or what?
I'm new to Hitman,although I have 2,3,and 4.Thought I'd start with 4 for a change,