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28th May 2006, 18:35
Here's some streaming Windows media stuff of my MP adventures (via Putfile.com). Alas, the built-in voice chat seems to mess up FRAPS ability to record sound so the sound always shorts out after a few seconds on my movies. I'm going to fiddle with the settings on that.

Since you can roll, dive and fire from cover (a la Kill.switch and the upcoming XBox360 game Gears of War), it's a refreshing feeling in multiplayer.

If you can take down all the air gunships and transports, that's some sort of mini objective too. When you respawn you're dropped in by pods from the air ( a la Halo I guess?), which is a pretty cool sequence. The aircraft seem to sometimes use flares or some strange lighting that makes the SAM weapon unable to target.

The AI's extremely active (everyone is always running, taking cover, strafing etc.), but I find if I'm really aggressive, they sometimes can't cope with it (they'll frantically backup rather than run away, etc.).

Some streaming movies (sound cuts off after a few seconds)

Click here to watch Rogue-Trooper-stronghold-multiplayer (http://media.putfile.com/Rogue-Trooper-stronghold-multiplayer)
This is my trooper firing from behind cover (note the "press E to leave wall" command there), and also "blind firing." There's one AI trooper on this yer trying to protect (the mode is called "Stronghold"), and he gets plonked at the end. :)

Click here to watch Rogue-Trooper-mortar-launcher (http://media.putfile.com/Rogue-Trooper-mortar-launcher)
Just firing the mortar gun. It fires a high arcing shell that explodes and showers down. It's tough to use at close range. And it's one reason to not enable friendly fire in MP. :P

Click here to watch Rogue-Trooper-close-combat (http://media.putfile.com/Rogue-Trooper-close-combat)
Meeting my demise in close quarters combat. You can also get a glimpse of the pod coming down when you respawn.

Click here to watch Rogue-Trooper-pistol (http://media.putfile.com/Rogue-Trooper-pistol)
Demonstrating mortar gun at close range (tricky cause the arc has a minimum length it has to travel), and pistol, which I love using but the 12 shots is rather meager given how many it takes to get a baddie down. The AI is very active, always running around, firing from cover, strafing etc., but still can't quite cope with an aggressive player one-on-one (they seem to compensate that by having hordes come in at the same time).

Anyway, it's a lot of fun. It's a crying shame there never seem to be more than 5-6 people on the planet playing the PC version online at any given time, but maybe that'll improve with time. :scratch: oh wait....progress, there were 9 people on just now. :)

30th May 2006, 06:24
Here's a couple more movies. I still never see more than maybe 8-9 people online at the same time (more often 2-4), but I remain hopeful people will discover just how great this game is online (albeit it could use a few more maps).

Again, these are streaming Windows media movies hosted by Putfile.com. Enjoy. :) (broadband recommended unless yer really patient)

Click here to watch Rogue-Trooper-view-from-my-guys-corpse (http://media.putfile.com/Rogue-Trooper-view-from-my-guys-corpse)
This is an interesting view from my poor squashed corpse. You can appreciate the AI a bit as they take cover, crouch, and don't just chase after my teammate who makes a brief cameo appearance.

Click here to watch Rogue-Trooper-air-force (http://media.putfile.com/Rogue-Trooper-air-force)
Futilely battling gunships and transports. You can't take em out with regular weapons (only the SAM can bring them down), but you CAN blast troops readiying to repel from their transports. :cool: