View Full Version : Online (PC version); text chat???

28th May 2006, 02:09
I've posted in other threads, but wasn't able to start a thread til just now.

The voice chat online works fine, but many people don't have headsets. I can't find any mention of a text chat key in the manual, the readme file, the in-game keyboard key options, anywhere. Yet the game's options has a "profanity filter," and I assume that would be for text chat.

I swear I've tried every keyboard key imaginable and nothing lets you text chat in the game. Anybody have a clue on this? :scratch:

I've played many PC games online and never, ever have I played a game that enabled voice chat but offered no text chat options whatsoever. If Rebellion consciously chose to do that, I'm just baffled.:confused: I love the game otherwise.