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27th May 2006, 23:47
So, anyone following this? I know, I'm kinda spamming this page with other games, but since we still haven't heard anything about LoK, I thought it wasn't that bad... :)

So... If anyone joins, then be sure to join 'Skaven Biscuits' and/or 'Invicto Incarnate'!

Skaven Biscuits was the first MoC Clan EVER! Open for everyone.
Invicto Incarnate is the second and currently latest. Mostly (only) for Chaos players.

Should you become interested in, or need help with Warhammer - or the Warhammer universe - feel free to register and post! :)

28th May 2006, 13:14
Yeah i've been following it. Looking good, check the new trailer on IGN. Looks like the intro to the game :D

I stopped playing Warhammer Tabletop but i still play Dawn of War, i will be playing MoC and Warhammer online when they're released :D

28th May 2006, 14:03
Yeah, it is the intro... Beats the crap out of Dawn of War's, in my opinion :P

Anyways, http://www.markofchaos.com/ is the link, if anyone's interested :)

Feel free to join the forums :D


P.S Sorry, but I promised I'd advertise :P

1st Jun 2006, 21:13
No way, Dawn of War's intro is Lord!


For anyone who wants to see DoW intro :D